We positively encourage students to show other people what they can do as Performance completes the cycle and it’s a great preparation for life.

You can tell when there’s a show coming. There’s a kind of buzz in the air. Everyone’s that bit busier: dancers rehearsing steps in the living room, trying on costumes; ‘doing hair’ and sewing; friends and family asking about tickets. And sure, there are a few wobbly moments as ‘artistic temperaments’ are tried.

But then comes the Performance. And that’s bigger than anyone. Just by taking part you’re bound to succeed. And afterwards – well, that’s always a-little-bit-happy-a-little-bit-sad. But of course, there’s always the next one – and you can’t wait!

Our pupils major performance event is Dance Around, which takes place approximately every 18 months at the Lyceum Theatre in Crewe.  With it’s lavish-costumed dance, drama, song and acrobatics, it’s guaranteed to thrill.

Impromptu in-school performances allow ‘the little ones’ to show their parents what they’ve learnt and how they’re getting on, while festivals such as Crewe Dance Festival and Wrexham Performing Arts Festival, showcase the school to wider audiences.

Since 2015, the X-Academy pupils have been taking part in the UK Streetdance Challenge.   This is a fun filled weekend at Alton Towers, where both children and adults compete, while family members have an exciting social weekend away with our X-Academy family, including a trip to splash landings